Food can be inspiring, both in its creation and consumption. We strive to offer a variety of flavors reminiscent of our childhoods, served in a tasteful manner.
> We mainly serve traditional polish cuisine along with some regional specialties
> We base our recipes on ones passed down from generation to generation, carefully adding a dash of innovation to make our dishes truly stand out as a one of a kind experience in the realm of traditional cuisine.
> Memorable flavors, reasonable prices, satisfied clients and fresh, high quality produce – those were the priorities we had in mind while composing our menu.
The restaurant’s interior combines  the ambience of a regular European mountain resort with a touch of refreshing, sleek industrial themes. It holds enough room for 130 people and is suitable for:
> Weddings
> Special events ( baptism and communion parties, post-funeral receptions)
> Banquets
> Corporate training meetings
> Individual projects
The bar offers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. In an effort to provide top quality of service, we hired professional staff who will make sure your stay will be a memorable experience.